Ship. Share. Cobrowse.

No-download, easy, interactive screen sharing built for onboarding and support

Why Cobrowsing?

Video screen sharing software might be the simplest way to help users remotely, but there are limitations: poor or non-existent session interaction, high bandwidth usage and extra softwares requirements. Cobrowsing solves common screen sharing limitations, by allowing user and agent colaborate within the same session (see Remota features), straight in the browser and without requiring any extra software.


Ship your application, embedding a cobrowsing tool with it, such as Remota


Send a session sharing invite to your user and start a shared session


Help and support your user interactively, highlighting bits or controlling the session

What can Remota do

Share session control

Interact with the page to take the user around the app, similar to remote destkop sharing apps

Privacy aware

Mask fields and components based on your users privacy needs, not sending it to agent clients

Developer friendly

Easy to use TypeScript/JavaScript client, allowing teams to tailor the cobrowsing experience accordingly

Guide with draw & highlight

Show how to navigate your site by drawing on the user screen

End-to-end encryption

Signal protocol end-to-end encryption, enabling full security if required *

* Still in development

Where Remota can be used

Sales & Upsell

Calls can go beyond audio, with agents using co-browsing sessions to help with it. It might not only help agents to close more sales, but as well improve upsells numbers.


Help your customer when they start using your software for the first time, improving the overall customer experience.


Support users straight from your web service, decreasing agents call times and helping them to close support tickets faster.

Try our demo

Demo Screenshot Example
If you are still not sure about Remota possibilities, you can test the basic features through our live demo. Open both agent and user links below and see Remota in action. Once both are connected, the agent session will start with highlight-only mode. To share the control with the user, click on "Request" in the toolbar.
Start demo user session


$10per agent (monthly)

Have access to all listed features and new upcoming ones. Free 30 days trial.

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$100per agent (yearly)

Have access to all listed features and new upcoming ones. Free 30 days trial.

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